Weekend Snow –

Weekend Snow – 

Weather reports indicate that snow accumulation and low temperatures are expected this weekend.  Snow removal crews will be onsite if accumulation reaches the minimum trigger depth for your community.   Be cautious when out and about walking pets or simply enjoying the Colorado weather as conditions may be hazardous.

Snow Removal – 12-21-17

Snow Removal Crews should be in the community this afternoon.  In tracking the snowfall throughout the night, snow started at roughly 4am, and accumulations have not yet reached the 2 inch minimums.  Crews are in process of being assembled, and will be clearing another property, and should be at Golden Bear later this afternoon.  By then, with the continued flurries, minimum accumulations will be reached.

With the bitterly cold temperatures in the forecast, and the additional snow expected on Saturday, snow removal will be performed.

2018 Coupon Books Mailed

The 2018 Payment Coupons for the monthly Golden Bear Patio HOA Assessments, and a Newsletter, are in process of being mailed out.  Please be sure to watch your mail in the coming days, and use the new payment coupon books for the 2018 Assessments.  For those homeowners that are already enrolled in the ACH Automatic Payment Program, you will not receive coupon books, in an effort to save costs incurred by the HOA.

If you are interested in enrolling in the ACH Automatic Payment Program that is offered by the HOA, please fill out and submit the ACH Automatic Payment Application. Once enrolled in the ACH Automatic Payment Program, your monthly assessments will be automatically deducted from your checking account on the 5th of the month.  If the 5th falls on a non-banking day, the payment will be deducted from your account on the next regular banking day.

Please feel free to include both the Patio HOA and Master HOA monthly payments in the same envelope.  Separate checks must be submitted for each HOA, but they can be mailed in the same envelope.

ALSO – Please be aware that the payment address has changed.  Please update your records and send in the payment to the new address, as listed on the Coupon Books.


Patio HOA Annual Meeting Reminder – TONIGHT at 7:00pm

All homeowners are reminded that the Golden Bear Patio Association Annual Meeting of Homeowners will be held TONIGHT, November 16th at 7:00pm. The Annual Meeting will be held at the Trail Ridge Middle School – 1000 Button Rock Dr.  If you are unable to attend the meeting, please complete and submit the PROXY included in the Newsletter, which allows your address to be counted as present at the meeting.

As a reminder – the Condo HOA Annual Meeting begins at 5:00pm, the Master HOA Annual Meeting will begin at 6:00pm, and the Patio Home HOA Annual Meeting will begin at 7:00pm.

Tree/Shrub Service – Tuesday Oct. 17th

St. Vrain Plant Health Care crew will be at Golden Bear Patio HOA on Tues Oct 17 to perform insect control for aphids and mites. As requested by the contractor, Please keep windows closed and pets indoors during application and for ~30 mins afterwards as this is a spray application.  The application odor should dissipate roughly 30 minutes after application.

Backflows & Freezing Temps

Currently, the forecast for Tuesday is calling for temperatures to dip down into the mid-20’s early next week.  As a result, Sun & Shade will be through the entire community to drain the irrigation backflow devices on the side of the home, to prevent frozen pipes.  The full winterization of the irrigation system is currently scheduled to begin the week of October 16th, but by draining the water from the backflow, the exposed pipes will be protected from freezing.  We don’t anticipate running the irrigation systems from this point forward, due to the lower temperatures, and moisture that mother nature is providing.

For those homeowners that turn off a master valve in their basement, you can turn off the master valve at any point.  Homeowners do not need to be home while this work is being completed, as the contractor can turn off the sprinkler system water from the exterior of the home.

Alleyway Concrete Repairs THURSDAY & FRIDAY

In an effort to extend the overall life of the concrete in the alleyways throughout the community, the HOA Board has approved a contractor to seal the cracks in the concrete.  By sealing the cracks, water is kept out of the cracks, which prevents it turning to ice and causing additional damage.  Work will begin on Thursday, and should be completed on Friday, and will include the routing out of larger areas where the concrete has chipped away, and the sealing of the cracks.

Full sections of the concrete will not be removed/replaced at this time.  Homeowners are requested to be patient and cautious when using the alleyway, as workers will be in the alleyway.  The product is fairly quick-drying, which will not require an extended period of staying off of the alleyway, but will remain “tacky” for a couple of hours.

AS ALWAYS – work is dependent upon weather.

Tree Service Scheduled for Tuesday October 3rd.

In an ongoing effort to protect the Ash trees in the front yards of the community, a tree injection service will be performed on Tuesday.  St. Vrain Arbor Care crews are scheduled to come to Golden Bear Patio Homes this Tuesday, October 3rd to perform a trunk injection service. Ash Trees will be treated, and will protect the trees from the very aggressive Emerald Ash Borer pest.

With all applications, the service is dependent upon weather conditions.

Tree Care Scheduled for Tuesday September 12th

In an ongoing effort to protect the trees/shrubs in the front yards of the community, a tree spraying/fertilization service will be performed on Tuesday.  St. Vrain Arbor Care crews are scheduled to come to Golden Bear Patio Homes this Tuesday, September 12th to perform a micro-fertilization application. Ash Trees and Autumn Blaze Maple Trees will be treated.

With all applications, the service is dependent upon weather conditions.