Irrigation Systems – Startup for Season

Due to the extremely dry winter, the irrigation systems throughout the community are in process of being turned back on.  You should notice the irrigation running in the coming days, 1-2 times per week.  Watering of the turf will help prevent mites, and give the shrubs and trees a much needed drink!  If your home has a separate shut-off valve in the basement, please be sure to turn that valve on, so that the landscape contractors can get the system running.  There is no need for workers to enter your home, so you do not need to be home for the irrigation system to be started up for the season.  We will continue to watch overnight temperatures, and react accordingly.  If temperatures dip down into the low 20’s, there is a concern of freezing, and exposed pipes will be drained.  If you notice any issues/concerns with the irrigation system, please do not hesitate to contact Foster Management.

Please remember that the irrigation system in the front yards are maintained by the HOA.  Irrigation systems in the back yard are the individual homeowner’s responsibility to maintain.  The PROGRAM C on the irrigation clock is reserved for the individual homeowner’s use, for programming of the back yard irrigation zone.  Typically, zone 3 is the irrigation zone for the back yard.  Each home is slightly different, but typically Zone 3 and Program C on the irrigation clock is the individual homeowner’s responsibility to program.