Autumn Blaze Maple Tree Treatments – Thursday 9/15 and Friday 9/16

In the HOA’s ongoing efforts to battle the Chlorosis in the Autumn Blaze Maple Trees throughout the community, a treatment will be performed on Thursday 9/15 and Friday 9/16 to the Autumn Blaze Maple Trees.  Trees will be deep root watered on Thursday, to prepare for the treatment scheduled for Friday.

Following the treatment, you may notice the leaves quickly brown, shrivel, and begin to fall off.  This is a normal process, as the tree is reacting to the “shot” of nutrients, and will drop leaves to try and store the nutrients for next year’s growth.

As you have probably noticed, the Autumn Blaze Maple Trees, particularly along Deerwood Dr., are suffering from Chlorosis.  This is a result of the tree pulling all of the nitrogen and magnesium out of the clay soil.  Treatments began years ago, to try and counteract the loss of nutrients from the soil, and the HOA continues to increase efforts to try and save the mature trees.  Some trees have responded better than others to the treatments, but the reality is that it is highly likely that even with continued efforts, some trees will eventually succumb to the Chlorosis.  Discussions have began, on replacement strategies.