Turf Fertilization / Weed Control / Irrigation Start Up

Homeowners are being informed that the grounds contractor is scheduled to perform a Spring fertilization/weed control service to the turf on Monday April 25th. The service will be the first of three turf fertilization/weed control applications that are included in the maintenance contract, and includes weed pre-emergent and fertilizer.

The rock/planter beds throughout the community are scheduled to be treated on Thursday, April 28th. This is the first of four weed control applications that are included in the maintenance contract for the rock/planter beds.

Irrigation Start Up operations are scheduled to be performed on Thursday April 28th and Friday April 29th (weather dependent).  Homeowners who have their master irrigation system shut off valve turned off in their basement should turn this valve back on, so that the irrigation system can be started up during their scheduled visit, avoiding additional charges incurred for return visits.

As the contractor begins to get services going for the growing season, please understand that mowing operations in April and October are scheduled to be performed every other week.  In the months of May through September, mowing operations are completed weekly.  Irrigation watering schedules are established and maintained by the grounds contractor, and will be adjusted throughout the growing season, based upon weather conditions and industry standards for proper watering techniques.