Heavy Snow Anticipated – Monday 2/1/16

It looks like we might be in for a large, lengthy snow storm. Some forecast models are showing upwards of 18” or more of snow through some time on Tuesday.  Snow Removal Crews are preparing as best they can for this storm by making sure their equipment and labor is ready.  If this turns into a blizzard, or even just heavy snow for two days, it may take extra time to get through your property.  In some cases, we may have to simply open the property up by plowing and shoveling enough for people to pass through and then return for a clean up once all snowfall has completed.  Also, at some point, their hard working men will have to get some rest so there will be some down time.

We understand that people need to get to work and other engagements but please know that we will be out as long as it takes to get everyone cleared off, which will undoubtedly take much longer than a normal 4” storm, and that with constant snowfall, multiple removals may be needed.  Everyone is reminded to be patient, as the snow will get cleared.

Additional updates will be sent out, as appropriate.