Snow Cleanup – Thursday Dec 17th

As you are aware, a large amount of snow fell in a short period of time late Tuesday morning.  Typical snowfall is in the range of 2-4″, but this initial snowfall of the season was closer to a foot.  As a result, the snow removal crews were tasked with removing heavy, wet, drifting snow throughout the community.  Snow storage areas were not included in the initial design of the community, therefore the crews are piling snow in any area they are able.  Due to the amount of snow, large piles are present throughout your community and have been strategically placed by the crews to be in a location that is best suited for drainage when the warmer temperatures arrive.  Luckily, with warmer Colorado temperatures forecasted for the weekend, snow will begin to melt to help reduce these snow piles.

We are fielding all calls, and keeping in touch with landscape crews, who continue to work on clearing the snow.  Everyone is working hard to get all of the snow issues resolved as quickly as possible, and your continued patience is appreciated.

Please remember that the streets throughout the community are outside of the HOA’s jurisdiction, and that the City is responsible for the maintenance/snow removal from the streets.  Residential streets throughout the entire city are ice-packed, but will hopefully improve in the coming days.