Sprinkler Winterizations Scheduled

Sprinkler winterizations will begin on Monday October 19th.  Homeowners do not need to be home when the sprinklers are winterized, as all work is performed on the exterior of the home.  All sprinkler zones will be blown out, so you can expect strange noises to occur during the winterization procedure.  For those homeowners who have an internal shut off valve for the irrigation system, please feel free to turn off the valve once the system has been winterized.  Not all homes have a separate shut off valve for the irrigation, and it is not necessary to turn off the valve, but some homeowners feel safer knowing the internal valve is closed.  The internal shut off valves are simply a secondary protection device.  Should you see water dripping from the external pipes later in the week (Thursday or Friday), please do not hesitate to contact Foster Management to report the dripping water.