Sprinkler Winterizations Completed

The winterization process for the irrigation systems throughout the community has been completed.  Those homeowners with a separate main shut off valve for the irrigation system in their basement can now turn that main valve off.  Although this is not a requirement, it is an extra precaution that homeowner can take, to ensure that they do not encounter problems resulting from frozen pipes.  The faucet assembly on the side of the home allows the HOA Contractor the ability to turn water on/off to the irrigation system, but we are learning that these faucets do have some design flaws.  If you notice any leaking from the irrigation backflow device, please contact Foster Management immediately.  Colder temperatures are forecasted, and we want to avoid any frozen pipe issues.

With the forecasted temperatures dropping to freezing in the coming week, homeowners are also reminded to DISCONNECT ALL HOSES FROM THE HOSE FAUCETS.  Hoses that stay connected to the faucet can/will trap water, which will eventually freeze, and can burst the pipe that supplies water to the faucet.  Be sure to take the few minutes to disconnect your hoses, to avoid costly repairs.