Nextlight Work & Irrigation Repairs

As you are probably aware, the City of Longmont is currently installing infrastructure to support the Nextlight Fiber Optic utility throughout the community.  In the process of installing the cables, it is likely that occasionally they will inadvertently cut an irrigation line.  If you notice that an irrigation line has been damaged, please either contact Foster Management or Nextlight  to report of the damage, to ensure that it is repaired.  The City is required to make repairs to any damage they create when installing the new utility, and it is important to report those damages timely so that they can be repaired.  If left unreported, the cost of the repair could be a burden on the HOA.  Please call Foster Management at 303-532-4148 or the City of Longmont at 303-651-8386 to report any damage you believe may be the result of the installation.