Mother’s Day Snow

Forecasts are currently calling for significant snowfall tonight.  Although the majority of the snowfall is currently expected to melt on the sidewalks and alleyways, we will be monitoring the accumulation throughout the night, and early hours of Sunday morning.  A decision will be made early Sunday Morning, as to whether snow removal is needed.

Although snow accumulation is hoped/expected to be minimal on the sidewalks and alleyways, it is expected to be very heavy and wet.  Because the majority of the trees have leafed out, the heavy wet snow will have the potential of doing a lot of damage to the trees.  Therefore, Sunday morning snow removal efforts will be focused on snow removal from trees, and the clearing of downed branches from sidewalks/structures.

Homeowners are also reminded that with the significant rain that has been received, everyone should check their basements to ensure sump-pumps are working, and that there is not any water seeping into the basement.