Rock Project PHASE 3 to Begin 1-14-15

This post is being created to inform all homeowners that Sun & Shade intends to begin the Final Phase of the Rock Project Wednesday, January 14, 2015  (FULLY DEPENDENT ON WEATHER).  All homes along Metropolitan Dr. are in Phase 3 of the rock project.  Workers will be in the area to remove the existing wood mulch, repair the underlying fabric, then install the slurry mix of rock mulch.  Stepping stones will be installed, to provide better footing for the residents.  Your patience and understanding are appreciated during this time of renovation, as we do anticipate that there will be additional dust and noise throughout the project.  The overall project may take up to two weeks for completion…again, dependent upon the weather.

Once this final phase of the rock project is completed, all homes within the community will have been converted from wood mulch to rock mulch.  The end result of the transition from wood mulch to rock mulch will be a substantial savings to the HOA, by avoiding the constant need/cost for replenishment of the wood mulch that blows away, disintegrates, and/or looses its aesthetic value.

Should you have questions, please contact the Management Company.