Pruning Scheduled

The Fall Pruning Service has been tentatively scheduled by Sun & Shade, and should begin Thursday October 23rd (dependent upon weather).  Workers will prune all shrubs throughout the community.  Homeowners will notice many shrubs flagged with either an orange or pink ribbon.  These ribbons were placed today, to indicate those shrubs that will either be removed because the shrub has died, or a shrub to be “renewal pruned”.  Shrubs that are tagged with ORANGE ribbon will be removed, as the shrub does not show substantial life.  Replacements will be considered in the Spring of 2015, but many of the orange tagged shrubs are not currently planned to be replaced, based upon their locations.

Shrubs that are tagged with a PINK ribbon will be renewal pruned.  The renewal pruned shrubs are a Dogwood-variety shrub, that are good candidates for the renewal pruning.  The selected shrubs have substantial amounts of dead wood within the shrub, creating a  “sparse” look.  Renewal Pruning is a process of shearing the shrub to about 18″.  The shrub will then grow new healthy branches in the coming spring.  It is fully understood that the shrubs will look as if they have been “butchered” for a period of time, but the renewal pruning process will produce a much healthier, fuller looking plant in the coming year.  The shrubs are expected to grow back to their intended height by mid summer-2015.

Should homeowners have questions on the scheduled pruning, please email your questions to [email protected].