Golden Bear Patio HOA News


In addition to our quarterly newsletters, and to replace the blast emails, we will be posting news and updates on this site.  Anyone who subscribes will get emails whenever updates are posted to the Golden Bear Patio HOA News section of this site.

Rockbed Weed Control Scheduled Wednesday June 27th

Homeowners are being informed that the grounds contractor is scheduled to perform a weed control service on Wednesday June 27th.

The rock/planter beds throughout the community are scheduled to be treated on Wednesday. This is the third of four weed control applications that are included in the maintenance contract for the rock/planter beds.

All weed control services are subject to weather conditions.


Do you have an apple tree or a crabapple tree? Are some of its leaves turning brown and almost look burned?  There’s a good chance that your tree has FIRE BLIGHT, which is a bacterial disease that can kill the tree.  Click on the link to read specific details of the FIRE BLIGHT disease.

The VAST MAJORITY of the trees in the back yards of homes are of an apple tree or crabapple variety, and are HORRIBLY INFECTED with the disease.  It is the suggestion of the HOA that homeowners prepare to remove the badly infected trees.  Notices have not yet been sent out to homeowners regarding the fire blight, as arborists will not prune the fire blight out of the tree until the tree is dormant, but homeowners need to prepare for the inevitable, as the infections are so deep that the longevity of many trees is in question.  Instead of continuing to pay to have the fire blight pruned, it may be better to have the tree removed, and replaced with a variety that is not susceptible to the Fire Blight disease.

Irrigation Systems – Startup for Season

Due to the extremely dry winter, the irrigation systems throughout the community are in process of being turned back on.  You should notice the irrigation running in the coming days, 1-2 times per week.  Watering of the turf will help prevent mites, and give the shrubs and trees a much needed drink!  If your home has a separate shut-off valve in the basement, please be sure to turn that valve on, so that the landscape contractors can get the system running.  There is no need for workers to enter your home, so you do not need to be home for the irrigation system to be started up for the season.  We will continue to watch overnight temperatures, and react accordingly.  If temperatures dip down into the low 20’s, there is a concern of freezing, and exposed pipes will be drained.  If you notice any issues/concerns with the irrigation system, please do not hesitate to contact Foster Management.

Please remember that the irrigation system in the front yards are maintained by the HOA.  Irrigation systems in the back yard are the individual homeowner’s responsibility to maintain.  The PROGRAM C on the irrigation clock is reserved for the individual homeowner’s use, for programming of the back yard irrigation zone.  Typically, zone 3 is the irrigation zone for the back yard.  Each home is slightly different, but typically Zone 3 and Program C on the irrigation clock is the individual homeowner’s responsibility to program.

Tree Service Scheduled – Wednesday April 11 – CORRECTED

We have been notified by Taddiken Tree Service, that they will be out in the community on WEDNESDAY APRILL 11th, to perform services throughout the community.

Spring soil treatment with iron for Maple and Honeylocust Trees will be performed.  Please note that only a select number of trees will be treated.

As always – services are dependent upon weather.

Tree Services Scheduled – Tuesday March 27th

We have been notified by Taddiken Tree Service, that they will be out in the community on Tuesday March 27th, to perform services throughout the community.

The Board has approved the following services to be performed:

1-Clearance Pruning – to provide clearance to structures, walkways and various objects.  Goal is to attempt to achieve 2-3ft to houses. A majority of the Austrian Pine Trees throughout the community will be pruned.

2.  Soil Injections – Inject soil with micro and macro nutrients as well as iron chelate.  Service will be performed on Autumn Blaze Maple trees throughout the community.

3.  Clean, Thin, Raise, Reduce pruning a select number of trees in the community for structural reasons.

PLEASE NOTE – NOT ALL TREES WILL BE SERVICED AT THIS TIME.  The Board appreciates your consideration and understanding while the work is being performed, and apologizes in advance for any inconvenience you may experience related to the noise/workers/traffic. WORK SCHEDULE WILL BE DEPENDENT UPON WEATHER.

Weekend Snow –

Weekend Snow – 

Weather reports indicate that snow accumulation and low temperatures are expected this weekend.  Snow removal crews will be onsite if accumulation reaches the minimum trigger depth for your community.   Be cautious when out and about walking pets or simply enjoying the Colorado weather as conditions may be hazardous.

Snow Removal – 12-21-17

Snow Removal Crews should be in the community this afternoon.  In tracking the snowfall throughout the night, snow started at roughly 4am, and accumulations have not yet reached the 2 inch minimums.  Crews are in process of being assembled, and will be clearing another property, and should be at Golden Bear later this afternoon.  By then, with the continued flurries, minimum accumulations will be reached.

With the bitterly cold temperatures in the forecast, and the additional snow expected on Saturday, snow removal will be performed.

2018 Coupon Books Mailed

The 2018 Payment Coupons for the monthly Golden Bear Patio HOA Assessments, and a Newsletter, are in process of being mailed out.  Please be sure to watch your mail in the coming days, and use the new payment coupon books for the 2018 Assessments.  For those homeowners that are already enrolled in the ACH Automatic Payment Program, you will not receive coupon books, in an effort to save costs incurred by the HOA.

If you are interested in enrolling in the ACH Automatic Payment Program that is offered by the HOA, please fill out and submit the ACH Automatic Payment Application. Once enrolled in the ACH Automatic Payment Program, your monthly assessments will be automatically deducted from your checking account on the 5th of the month.  If the 5th falls on a non-banking day, the payment will be deducted from your account on the next regular banking day.

Please feel free to include both the Patio HOA and Master HOA monthly payments in the same envelope.  Separate checks must be submitted for each HOA, but they can be mailed in the same envelope.

ALSO – Please be aware that the payment address has changed.  Please update your records and send in the payment to the new address, as listed on the Coupon Books.